A Year with Mojolicious, the Perl Web Framework

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Mojolicious is a relatively new web framework written in Perl, but I've been using it for a year to power a REST API, two web apps, and a website. In this talk I introduce Mojo and discuss its fun and not so fun parts, particularly in view of using it as the sole backend for a real SaaS-based, PaaS-deployed business. Join this talk and learn about Mojolicious--a fun, new Perl web framework--from someone who's spent a year in the field with it.


Mojolicious is a Perl web framework that’s less than 2 years old: first published in December 2011. I began using it in June 2012 as the sole back-end web frame work for my business, Test Noir. The Mojo docs and other resources are great, but there’s no substitute for real world deployment and usage to highlight a product’s pros and cons.

Is Mojo right for you or your business? To find out, join this talk and learn the basics of Mojo, how it works “by the book”, and how I’ve made it work in the reality. You may be surprised just how easy and fun web dev can be with Mojolicious!

Speaking experience

I have presented talks at MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 and 2013, and I plan to present at Yet Another Perl Conf. North America (YAPC::NA) 2013. I also have a master's degree and have taught classes at the university level. This will be my first time presenting this talk.


  • Daniel Nichter

    Test Noir


    Daniel Nichter is the founder and creator of Test Noir, the web service that simplifies multi-environment software testing by centralizing, organizing, and analyzing your test results. He’s also the lead MySQL tools developer Percona, the oldest and largest independent MySQL consulting company. Daniel has been programming and developing with Perl and MySQL for 10 years.


      • Title: Quick Cure for the Shame of Untested Software
      • Track: Cooking
      • Room: B301
      • Time: 4:455:30pm
      • Excerpt:

        As the founder of a company focused on software testing, I speak often to developers who admit in private: “Yes, testing is important… but we don’t test.” Reasons vary, but the basic problem is that testing is seen as too difficult and time-consuming with no apparent value for the effort. In this talk I hope to convince you that this problem is a false dilemma and show you how to get started testing software quickly and easily.

      • Speakers: Daniel Nichter
      • Title: Pro Bash Development; Way Beyond Shell Scripting
      • Track: Hacks
      • Room: B302/303
      • Time: 2:303:15pm
      • Excerpt:

        All Unix/Linux users know a little shell scripting, even if they’re unaware of it. Pipes, for example, are a part of the Bash/sh language. Bash/sh, i.e. shell scripting, is usually treated as just that: shell scripting. But if you’re crazy enough, you can develop full-blown profession, modular, and tested (yes, tested!) programs in Bash. It takes a little finesse, but I’ll show you how, and you just might think twice about using Bash—really using it—in the future.

      • Speakers: Daniel Nichter