Git Going with Github

Long Form


Git is hard. There's no way around that. But it's also incredibly powerful.

Github is not all of git. It's not even most of git. But it's (mostly!) friendly, and getting a handle on it opens up worlds of possibilities, from contributing to projects to saving your own work. And it's a great stepping-stone if you want to go on and learn more git.


This talk will work through the steps needed to get started with Github.

You’ll learn how to create or fork a repo, check it out locally, make changes and updates, and keep in sync with your remote.

If any of that makes sense right now, this probably isn’t the talk for you. If it looks like jargon and technobabble, you should join us!

We’ll cover some of the basic etiquette around working with others, how to get involved with projects on Github, and how to share your work and deal with other people’s changes.

Time-depending, we’ll even get to branches, a great way to make working with others easier!

If possible, attendees should create a Github account beforehand at and bring a laptop to the session. Don’t worry if that won’t work for you: there’ll be plenty of notes so you can practice afterwards!

Speaking experience

I've spoken at conferences around the world, from Open Source Bridge to OSCON, KiwiFOO to LCA. I'm comfortable in formats from keynotes to Ignite, BarCamp to workshop. Not enough conferences video their talks, but you can see me speaking at LCA here:


  • Noirin

    Noirin Plunkett

    The Apache Software Foundation


    Noirin Plunkett is a jack of all trades, and a master of several. A technical writer by day, her open source work epitomizes the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.

    Noirin got her open source start at Apache, helping out with the httpd documentation project. Within a year, she had been recruited to the conference planning team, which she now leads. She was involved in setting up the Community Development project at Apache, has previously acted as Org Admin for the Google Summer of Code (with more than 40 students!), and continues to contribute to projects as diverse as Infrastructure and Incubator. She sits on the boards of both the Apache Software Foundation and the Open Cloud Initiative.

    At home in Ireland, Noirin was a volunteer with the St John Ambulance – since moving to Switzerland, she’s had to find new ways to help save the world. Happily, open source has opened more than just technical doors, and when Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake earlier this year, Noirin’s knowledge of OS disaster management software meant she could quickly step up to co-ordinate the night shift of volunteers working on the Christchurch Recovery Map at .

    When she’s not online, Noirin’s natural habitat is the dance floor, although she’s also a keen harpist & singer, and an excellent sous chef!