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I am an intern of OPW, doing my internship under Wikimedia Foundation. My talk will be about the work I have been doing as an intern in Wikimedia which is not only interesting and challenging in itself, but could also help other people understand what is there that can be done to make all the Wikipedias more user-friendly for developers as well as editors.


As a Wikimedia intern, my current project is one that deals with the fact that each Wikipedia has its own CSS styles, JS gadgets, and templates. It’s most a good thing, because it gives each language community the freedom to customize and innovate. But there’s also a problem: these things may be useful in other languages, too, and it’s hard to port them. Most MediaWiki developers are aware of the customization in the language they speak – mostly English, and to a lesser extent German, Dutch, Russian and French. And they aren’t even aware of the useful developments in other languages. And they may not be aware that a customization that works in their language is not available in other languages. The main aim is achieving the goal of documenting some local templates so that irrespective of language, MediaWiki platform remains the same. This will help all developers as well as contributors by making their work easier.
Though initially the work was only documentation focused, but as it went on, the work got so much interesting, that from mere documentation, I have now started working on the codes. Instead of simply writing about how to get things done, now I do put in efforts in actually getting the things done.
My talk will contain the details of my work.

Speaking experience

Being a Mozilla Representative, I have given talks at several Mozilla Events in India and also at one Mozilla conference in Nepal.
I have given a talk on OPW and how to get into OPW at one Mozilla Event in India.
Link to my slides on slide share:


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    I am a student perusing my post-graduation in Computer Applications from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Pune. Previously I had done my Bachelors in Computer Applications from the same college.

    Am a supporter of FOSS and presently involved with a few Open Source Communities as well like Mozilla and Wikipedia. I am presently a Mozilla Representative. Am a developer, but also do a lot of documentation work and also a lot of localization as hobby and passion.

    I am presently an intern under the banner of Wikimedia Foundation.

    I am a developer in the Software Research and Development cell of SICSR.

    A developer by profession and a content writer by passion. Technical writings, blogging etc are stuff that I do as hobby.