Open source projects and client work, a perfect match

Short Form


Learn how ThinkShout has managed to release valuable open source contributions on the backs of our client engagements.


At ThinkShout, we pride ourselves on adding value for our progressive clients and contributing to the open source projects we love. Luckily, these values can be very complimentary and, to use a cliche, create a “win-win” situation. Clients get a code base that’s supported by a larger community, especially helpful when working with a small vendor, and the community gets the benefit of new open source projects.

This is made possible by:

  • Leveraging shared resources
  • Transparent communication across projects and clients
  • Marshaling community support
  • Architecting modular and flexible solutions that are applicable for many use cases.

This talk will explore how ThinkShout used this approach to develop and release a number of useful, and highly used, Drupal modules, including RedHen CRM, Entity Registrations, and the Salesforce Suite. The results have been satisfied and well supported clients, respect in the community, and some great lead generation tools for ThinkShout.

Speaking experience

* BADCamp 2012 product summit panel
* BADCamp 2011 nonprofit day
* Open Source Bridge (twice) -
* Pacific NW Drupal Summit
* Portland Drupal user group (twice)
* Portland OS GIS group
* Portland Linux group

Presentations on SlideShare:

Interview and recorded panel participation from BADCamp: