Stability. Security. Community. Inside the Aspen grove.



Aspen is a PHP-based website and application development platform that is entirely designed to work as a modular system, allowing you to separate functionality and share those modules with other projects and other developers. A new level of sharing between small time, or enterprise-level projects. Use it for the end product, or develop and entirely new application with it.


In this session we’ll introduce using some of the most interesting features of the Aspen framework. We’ll discuss creating modules and containing functionality within those modules, and sharing them between your own projects, or with other developers. We’ll discuss how you can use, and how we’ve used the framework to create a wide range of amazing tools for clients.

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    Michael has been in web development for eleven years and currently runs, LLC – a web development company in Portland, OR serving clients daily. He also is the lead developer for all projects under development with Trellis Development, a company working on open source and commercial web-based products.