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You've got a great idea for a book. You write a publisher. You get accepted! Then you find out that they'll pay you $500 and a 10% royalty for your book rights, in exchange for your heart and soul over the next six months. You're crushed. Is there a better way? There certainly is!


You have a great idea for a book. It’s going to sell a thousand copies! You’re excited, and you write a publisher. They accept your proposal! Then you receive the contract: a 10% royalty and $500 advance (which will be held back from your royalties). Your task? To pour six months and your whole heart into the book. So someone else can make money. That hardly seems fair.

Open source technologies are about removing proprietary services and opening up innovation. It’s time to do the same with books. Come learn what it takes to write, publish and sell your own book, from someone who has made over $10,000 doing just that.

Speaking experience

I have spoken at OSCON, PHP UK, DC PHP user group, Baltimore PHP user group, Portland user group, ZendCon and others. This is the first time giving this talk. My talks are at


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    Brandon Savage



    Brandon Savage is a software developer who began his PHP career in 2003, before PHP 5 was even released. He began by developing gaming systems, figuring that having a computer complex math was preferable to doing it by hand. Brandon eventually figured out that he could make money by writing code, and began full time software development in 2008. He quickly outgrew his first few roles, and eventually landed at Mozilla, where he works as a Software Engineer on the Socorro team and has since added several open source technologies to his resume. Brandon lives in Olney, Maryland with his wife and three cats. He is an instrument rated private pilot.