Making Distributed Teams Work For You

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Every company has encountered the same problem before: the best person for a role lives somewhere else. The company has to make a choice: hire the person remotely or lose out on a great opportunity. Too often, companies aren’t ready to hire remotely, and they lose top talent as a result. Learn how to construct a distributed team that is just as effective as the team you have in house. Brandon has been working remotely for more than two years, and will share his experiences working on a distributed, multinational team at Mozilla.


You’ve found the perfect employee. Qualified, talented, experienced. They can lead the team to the next level and mentor junior employees. There’s only one problem: they’re 2,000 miles away and they can’t move.

Every business has this problem. Qualified talent is out of the area and unable or unwilling to relocate. They have homes, families, communities, businesses, parents, whatever the case may be.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! It’s still possible to have great talent that isn’t local through a well-constructed distributed team.

Brandon Savage has been working remotely for Mozilla for nearly two years and has developed true insights into how multinational teams can work together effectively, despite timezones and differences in geography. Come learn how you can construct your team to be a distributed, extremely effective team.

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I have spoken at OSCON, PHP UK, DC PHP user group, Baltimore PHP user group, Portland user group, ZendCon and others. This is the first time giving this talk. My talks are at


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    Brandon Savage is a software developer who began his PHP career in 2003, before PHP 5 was even released. He began by developing gaming systems, figuring that having a computer complex math was preferable to doing it by hand. Brandon eventually figured out that he could make money by writing code, and began full time software development in 2008. He quickly outgrew his first few roles, and eventually landed at Mozilla, where he works as a Software Engineer on the Socorro team and has since added several open source technologies to his resume. Brandon lives in Olney, Maryland with his wife and three cats. He is an instrument rated private pilot.