Get Involved

Help us build Open Source Bridge

Open Source Bridge can’t exist without your help.

Here’s five things you can do to get involved now:

  1. Make plans to attend! Your participation makes this conference awesome.
  2. Put a badge on your site to let people know you’re coming, volunteering, proposing a talk. We need to spread the word.
  3. Write a blog post about the conference. Tell other people why you’re attending, volunteering, why you care! Passion shows through, and we know you’re passionate like we are.
  4. Share the event invite on Facebook and LinkedIn. Let your extended network know about the conference.
  5. Sponsor us! Your sponsorship helps us pay for the venue, food, and other things that make the conference great. We treat monetary and contributed goods/services identically.


As a wholly volunteer-driven effort, Open Source Bridge is always looking for volunteers who are interested in helping us create a successful event for Open Source developers — and for Portland.

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