Get Involved

Help us build Open Source Bridge

Open Source Bridge can’t exist without your help!

Here are some things you can do to get involved right now.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends about Open Source Bridge! Here are a few ideas how:

  • Make plans to attend! Your participation makes this conference awesome.
  • Put a badge on your site to let people know you’re attending, volunteering, or proposing a talk.
  • Write a blog post about the conference. Tell other people why you’re attending, volunteering, or proposing — let folks know why you care! Passion shows, and we know you’re passionate like we are.
  • Share the event on Facebook or LinkedIn. Let your extended network know about the conference.
  • Sponsor us! Your sponsorship helps us pay for the venue, food, and other things that make Open Source Bridge great. We treat monetary and contributed goods or services identically.

Stay Informed

Keep up on the latest information and volunteering opportunies by following us on Twitter @osbridge and joining the OSBridge Google Group.


As a wholly volunteer-driven effort, Open Source Bridge runs only with the support of community volunteers! We’d be thrilled to have your assistance this year, and all volunteers who contribute at least eight hours of their time will receive free registration pass to Open Source Bridge 2016 this June.

Sign up Now! to volunteer at the conference using our webapp

Volunteering Before the Conference

During the planning stages leading up to the conference, Open Source Bridge 2016 and the conference team would love to have your help!

If you’re interested in

  • Marketing and Outreach,
  • Volunteer Management,
  • Registration,
  • Content Selection (speakers and talks),
  • Technology (website, OpenConferenceWare, other tools),
  • Catering,
  • Venue Management,
  • A/V and WiFi, or
  • Party Planning,

Please enter your name and email in the form below (including the pre-conference areas of interest) and we’ll get you in touch with the conference committe team!

Volunteering During the Conference

We’re currently determining our onsite requirements for this year’s conference, but as always, there will be lots of roles we’ll need to fill, including:

  • Setup Day Assistant
  • Catering Assistant
  • Line Wrangler
  • Happy Hour Beer Server
  • Floater
  • Greeters
  • Hacker Lounge Assistant
  • Registration
  • Registration Assistant Coordinator
  • Session Monitor
  • Speaker Liaison
  • Party Assistant
  • Social Media
  • Transporter
  • Load-out Support
  • Volunteer Assistant Coordinator

Once are requirements have settled, sign-up for shifts will be opened through the volunteer web app.

Keep in mind that volunteers who commit to 8 hours or more will qualify for a free registration pass!

Please check this page again in May to sign up, or follow us on Twitter @osbridge and joining the OSBridge Google Group for updates!

Still Have Questions?

Send us a note at and we’ll be happen to answer any questions you have!