Sessions for this room

Tuesday, June 20 - 01:30 PM

* The Flatpak story - Let's explore world of a developer-centric Application Distribution!

Flatpak is a technology by the GNOME Project that runs applications in a runtime and sandbox. This talk will explore the shift in how applications will be distributed in the future and how it is lowering the bar of entry of hacking on increasingly large codebases like GNOME.
Sriram Ramkrishna
Tuesday, June 20 - 02:30 PM

* Design Automata: The DevOps Approach To User Interface Design

How-To-Create rapid, reusable, web-based User Interface design prototypes with Open Source tools and Creative Commons licensed assets
Skyler Reed
Wednesday, June 21 - 02:30 PM

* Serving social spaces

Shared application servers are a vital building block for creating resilient information networks. Recent advances have made them dramatically easier to deploy and maintain in your home/workplace/community. Come for a tour, stay for a deep dive.
Eric Drechsel
Thursday, June 22 - 10:00 AM

* Theory behind Image Compression and Semantic Search.

This talk will focus on describing a matrix decomposition technique called Singular Value Decomposition that conveys important geometrical and theoretical insights about linear transformations. This technique is not as famous as it should be given the range of applications from science and engineering.
Santi Adavani
Thursday, June 22 - 03:45 PM

* Open Aid: How Open Source Tools and Techniques are Transforming Disaster Relief

Open source works best when the stakes are high, volunteers are pouring in and tons of stakeholders need to coordinate their resources, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the open source movement is transforming how individuals and institutions respond to disasters.
Devin Balkind