Business track

Building open source businesses that thrive.
Share what you know about building and growing a business in the FOSS world. From choosing a software license, to open source-friendly business plans, to making the sales pitch and connecting with customers, open source businesses have their own sets of concerns. Example topics from the past include “Bootstrapping Your Open Source Business” and “Work for the Government for Fun and Profit.”

Sessions for this track

* Diary of an Open Source Sysadmin Entrepreur

Half the story of the building of Puppet Labs and half instruction on how to build your own company, Luke Kanies, the founder of Puppet and Puppet Labs, will tell how he built his company and product and how you can, too.
Luke Kanies

* Drupal Distributions, an Open Source Product Model

Drupal has the ability to bundle contributed modules, configurations and settings, and custom code into a single package that can be easily installed and further configured by end users. The end result is an application-in-a-box focused on a specific set of requirements. Now that you or your business has invested hundreds or even thousands of hours creating your masterpiece, what do you do with it?
Lev Tsypin

* How 5 People with 4 Day Jobs in 3 Time Zones Enjoyed 2 Years Writing 1 Book

Hear how a distributed team tackled a big project (a book about a large open source project) in our spare time. Along the way, we encountered tools, techniques, and working styles that may be useful to you in your own career—or at least serve as a humorous warning.
Ian Dees

* How Governments are Building Communities with Open Source

This session will provide examples of major government uses of open source technology, and provide some examples and case-studies of how government is contributing to open source and the web.
Chris Strahl

* How to Ask for Money

Have a project that just needs some cash to get off the ground? Need someone to fund beer and food for an event? Have a great idea and want to get paid for implementing it? Come find out how we did it.
Selena Deckelmann, J Chris Anderson, Teyo Tyree

* Improving Estimates for Web Projects

How many times have you received an email or phone call from a potential client who describes their project in a few sentences and expects a formal proposal the next day? This session will address this seemingly impossible task by going over the method we have created at OpenSourcery to estimate web projects. This method has helped us work with clients to prioritize functionality, set realistic schedules, and has improved our ability to close sales.
Alex Kroman

* Keeping Agile at the Heart of the Internet

BIND is the nameserver which runs 80% of DNS world wide... It is maintained by a non profit managed open source company and driven by an international user and developer community. What does product management, using scrum, on an open source project, with developers on three continents, look like?
Larissa Shapiro

* Learn Tech Management In 45 Minutes

It took me two years to get a master's in tech management. I save you $40K and give you the short version.
Sumana Harihareswara

* Marketing: You're Soaking In It!

Come join me as I dispel some of the clouds of pollution which obscure the name of marketing, show how it can help your projects, reveal how--whether you realize it or not--you already use marketing every day and how that's a very good thing indeed.
VM Brasseur

* Open Source at Microsoft - Less Evil and More Organized Than You'd Think

There's more real open source going on at Microsoft than you'd think.
Scott Hanselman

* Open Sourcing Your Legacy Project: A Game of Adventure, Danger and Low Cunning

You are an employee of COMPANY. COMPANY is investigating open sourcing PROJECT. You will explore some of the most obscure and frustrating territory as you lead this effort. Hardened leads have run screaming from the terrors of this undertaking!
VM Brasseur

* Pulling the Plug

In order to keep a tree healthy, you have to prune its branches. This too is the case with an organization’s websites and projects. Let’s look at how Mozilla handles the end-of-life portion of a website’s life-cycle.
Ryan Snyder

* Sales-fu

Tricky to master. Sometimes the last thing you care about. (Let me code already, dammit.) However, a small amount of work on your sales-fu will pay off. So let's do this thing.
Amye Scavarda

* Starting and Scaling a Startup Outside of the Silicon Valley

Join Michael Richardson, a cofounder of Urban Airship, as he elaborates on the decisions around creating a startup outside of Silicon Valley, how to keep your head above water, and how to find and manage a team during explosive growth.
Michael Richardson

* The Independent Software Developer

So you love open source? Spend more time doing what you love: go into business for yourself.
Peat Bakke

* Turning Mediocre Products Into Awesome Products

A holistic approach to design for people through sketching, product blueprints, and team overlap (used by Apple and others).
Jeremy Britton

Proposals for this track

* A Look at Practical Platform-as-a-Service Architecture for Java and PHP Apps

We will discuss the architectural principles, do’s and don’ts and examine what true scaling means from a developer point of view including database scalability, file I/O, session state management and more.
Business 2011-03-31 20:03:52 +0000
Craig Kitterman

* Building a business application on the SugarCRM platform

Learn how to build your business application on the SugarCRM platform.
Business 2011-01-28 11:18:32 +0000
John Mertic

* Freeing Open Source from the Clouds

Open source is becoming increasingly prevalent in the cloud, but often it remains locked within proprietary SaaS models or complex licensing arrangements. This talk will focus on the ways that we can free open source in the cloud and provide value with platform as a service capabilities.
Business 2011-03-31 23:49:35 +0000
Chris Strahl

* GovHub - Sustainable open source projects through government bids

Much of the difficulty for open source developers who try to work on civic or government apps is getting past the RFP process and convincing analysts and procurement officers that their projects have long term value and support. We hope to supply details on how to find and respond to the RFP process as well hints on how to work outside the process.
Business 2011-03-08 10:02:14 +0000
Greg Lind

* How Open Source and Distributed Data Networks Will Power True Enterprise Cloud Computing

A frank discussion on how the world's largest businesses have identified key open source and cloud computing concepts as lynchpins to the next generation of data management.
Business 2011-03-21 16:20:24 +0000
Martin Schneider

* How Will Regulatory Compliance Shape Social and Mobile Computing in the Enterprise?

The pervasive utilization of the social and mobile web has dramatically shaped users’ expectations for where and how they access and share information. The explosive growth of social platforms is now pressuring IT departments to develop enterprise applications that function like Facebook and Twitter. Salesforce has already released Chatter, a “Facebook for the enterprise,” in which information is easily shared and proactively fed to users via a real-time news stream. As enterprises continue to incorporate Cloud-based collaboration, it will be critical to understand the influence of regulatory compliance, which ensures that all appropriate legal reporting and regulatory transparency demands are met. Unfortunately, little legal structure exists that clearly defines and regulates the liabilities and responsibilities of Cloud users. In the face of legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), the potential for the myriad data privacy and security issues will undoubtedly grow.
Business 2011-03-15 18:05:53 +0000
John Pavolotsky

* Licensing 101 For Open Source Projects

Just because software is free doesn't mean it comes free of any restrictions! Learn about several of the most popular open source licenses, their implications, and how to choose the right license for your needs.
Business 2011-03-30 15:59:39 +0000
Brandon Savage

* MariaDB 5.3 / 5.5 Update.

What are the new exiting features in MariaDB 5.3/5.5 and how can you use them to get more of your current MySQL / MariaDB installation.
Business 2011-03-30 14:38:36 +0000
Michael Widenius

* Not because it's cheaper: open source software proposals from the client's perspective

Learn about how to give a better pitch when selling FOSS to businesses and government.
Business 2011-03-15 22:03:17 +0000
JT Justman

* Small business koans

Master Foss said: “A man who mistakes secrets for knowledge is like a man who, seeking light, hugs a candle so closely that he smothers it and burns his hand.” This talk will cover koans for small, open source business enlightenment.
Business 2011-03-16 05:43:23 +0000
Jacinta Richardson

* The Benefits of Open Source Storage in Public and Private Clouds

This presentation will discuss key storage trends and the importance of open source storage technologies, the value of scalable storage, why it matters and what organizations should look for when selecting a storage solution for their cloud environments.
Business 2011-03-31 05:53:28 +0000
Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy

* Transitioning an Open Source Project to Commercial Success

So what does it take to move an open source software project from a part-time endeavor to a profitable, commercial business? Based on personal experience Shaun Walker, CTO and Co-Founder of DotNetNuke Corporation, will share details on some of the unexpected obstacles you will encounter and provide recommendations on how to transition an open source project to commercial success.
Business 2011-03-31 23:00:22 +0000
Shaun Walker

* Wanted: Technical Cofounders

Technical cofounders are the life-blood of many new startups. Discover what entrepreneurs need and how you can get a piece of tomorrow's biggest companies.
Business 2011-01-31 16:21:14 +0000
Pinky Gonzales

* What to Count On: Help your Projects with Simple Metrics

You're working on a great project, but how do you know if you're on track compared to your goals? Your bosses (your customers, your user community) are asking for status every day and you don't know what tell them - or nothing you tell them seems to satisfy. Knowing what to count and how to communicate it can help you and your team track progress, identify problems, and communicate to those around you.
Business 2011-03-16 18:31:34 +0000
Nadya Duke Boone