BoF track

Birds of a Feather session

Sessions for this track

* Civic Engagement Meetup

Come talk to other Portland software developers about how to engage with each other, the city of Portland, the Portland Development Commission.
Christie Koehler, Audrey Eschright

* Code 'n' Splode

Supporting the participation of women in the Portland tech community
Christie Koehler, gabrielle roth, Addie Beseda

* Google Summer of Code Meetup

An opportunity to meet with other Google Summer of Code students, mentors, admins, and future participants. Learn how you can get involved, or share your personal experience with the program and give feedback on what works and how things could work better.
Ellen Ko

* Maatkit Discussion

Discussion of all things Maatkit, hosted by Maatkit's primary developer.
Daniel Nichter


Meet up with Michael "Monty" Widenius for meeting about the MySQL ecosystem.
Michael Widenius

* NoSQL - will relational alternatives finally catch on?

A general discussion of NoSQL databases, what they're good for and where they fit in the database world.
Kimbro Staken

* Open Data BoF

A gathering for all those interested in open data, including government data, open data APIs, geodata, open social data, and more.
Kirrily Robert

* Opening up Your Gov: Stakeholders Forum

Transparency advocates, government data owners/shepherds, technologists , privacy advocates, policy analysts and wonks and anyone else with an interest in what it takes to create an open government meet to discuss their needs and challenges from their perspective in an open and facilitated forum.
Deborah Bryant

* PDXPHP meetup / Details of HipHop for PHP from the source: Haiping Zhao of Facebook

PHP Meetup with Haiping Zhoa, Rasmus and others.
Sam Keen, Haiping Zhao

* Photowalk with Aaron Hockley

A photowalk in downtown Portland with a couple "new school" photographers
Aaron Hockley

* PostgreSQL

Meet up with local & not-so-local Pg users & developers.
gabrielle roth

* Privacy as a Choice

Giving up personal information seems to be the price of entry for much of the Internet today. Can't we make it a choice again?
Cyrus Nemati

* Ruby meetup

Join your fellow Rubyists to talk about fun things you're working on.
Audrey Eschright, Igal Koshevoy, Reid Beels

* Testing BOF!

Come join us in talking about the state of testing in Open Source.
Adam Christian