Open Source Bridge 2009 Birds of a Feather sessions

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* Symfony BOF

Using the symfony PHP framework or just curious about it? This BOF is for you.
David Brewer

* Puppet Q&A

Ask the main Puppet developers about the state of the software, its roadmap, or anything else you're interested in.
Luke Kanies, James Turnbull

* PostgreSQL BOF

PDXPUG will host the PostgreSQL BOF.
gabrielle roth

* Portland WordPress User Group

WordPress blogging platform users unite for their monthly meeting!
Kathleen McDade

* Plone BOF

Portland Plone Users Group will host the Plone BOF.
Darci C Hanning

* PDXCritique

PDXCritique is an open forum where anyone who makes things can get constructive criticism on their work from their peers.
ben hengst

* Linux Server Profiling

A number of open source tools exist that make profiling Linux servers easier. These tools include traditional Unix utilities like "sar" and "iostat", but they also include some tools that go deep into the processors and I/O subsystems.
Ed Borasky

* Google Summer of Code BOF

People involved in the Google Summer of Code 2009 and those interested about Google Summer of Code getting together and hanging out!
Jonathan Leto

* Functional Languages BoF

Hang out and talk about functional languages.
Joe Williams

* Creating conference sites with OpenConferenceWare

OpenConferenceWare is the application running this site. The software is themeable, customizable and open sourced: anyone can use it to run their own conference site. OpenConferenceWare's developers would like to talk with users about making the software better, organizers about using it for other events, and with those interested in joining the development team.
Igal Koshevoy, Reid Beels

* Code-n-Splode BOF

BOF to go with the "My Grand Experiment" Talk.
gabrielle roth

* BOF - Open source software entrepreneurs - POSSE

Do you run, or are you thinking about starting an open source software company? Come meet and talk with like-minded entrepreneurs. Hosted by the Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE)
Brian Jamison