2016 Conference Team

2016 Conference Team

Conference Chairs

Thursday Bram writes about technology, design, and inclusivity. She organizes PyDX and other events in Portland, Oregon. You can find Thursday online at www.thursdaybram.com or twitter.com/thursdayb.

Shawna Scott is a software engineer in Portland, Oregon. She works as a Ruby developer at CrowdCompass, and to increase empathy through software. Shawna strives toward social justice and creating spaces and communities that are affirming and accessible to all. To that end, she is a member of the Calagator core team, co-organizer for Women Who Hack, and a sometimes-responsible member of the PDX Ruby Brigade anarchist ghost pirate ship. You can find her online at shawnacscott.com or twitter.com/shawnacscott

Content and Speaker Selection

Meli Lewis is part of the team managing content for Open Source Bridge. She’s a data engineer at Simple, co-organizer of PyLadiesPDX, and a volunteer data nerd at Street Roots. She’s worked in data visualization, and open science. Today she is probably hugging a cat.

Julie Pagano is a software engineer based in Portland, OR who likes to focus on the front-end and user experience. She fights for the user and cares about making tech a better place for everyone. In her free time, Julie dabbles in writing, comics, and firebees.

Hacker Lounge Coordination

Lauren Voswinkel is a Ruby Developer working with New Relic. In 2015, she kicked off the #talkpay hashtag and has been fighting for more transparency and comfort around discussions of pay. When not banging out bits and bytes or rousing rabbles around salary, she plays with fire and (dulled) sharp things.

Logistics and Venue

Paige Hubbell is a developer and project hero. She is an advocate for Women in Tech and works hard to help mentor the next generation of problem solvers. She leads the Portland chapter of Women Who Code, is a founding member of Navigate IT, and co-hosts the podcast Women’s Tech Radio. She love working to make solutions become a reality, creating crafty code and helping awesome people work together to get things done. She is always looking for fantastic people to work with, so get in touch.

Ariel Spear

Party Coordination

Dylan Dills

César Sierra

Social Media Marketing and Outreach

Lauren Hudgins earned her MA in Publishing and her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Portland State University in 2014. Living car-free, she bikes about the gloom of the rainy Pacific Northwest to keep her endorphins flowing. She works as a digital advertising strategist for Mandate Media, a digital agency for nonprofits and progressive politicians. This is her second year as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Open Source Bridge. Find her on Twitter as @lehudgins.


Ed Groth has been working with open source software for nearly 20 years, and is a member of the Linux, Python, and Clojure communities. He fell in love with the inclusive and friendly environment of BarCamp and Open Source Bridge and has been hooked ever since. When not coding, Ed can be
found riding his bike to the coast.

Christopher Swenson is a cupcake.

Volunteer Coordination

Chris Freeman is a freelance computer engineer who loves to work on Python web development projects when he’s not working on custom IC or FPGA hardware designs. He is also a Mentor for the Treehouse Python Web Development Techdegree program. Chris developed the volunteer coordination web app for both Open Source Bridge and PyDX conferences using Python/Django. He is a co-organizer and on the board of PyDX.

kf is a cat mom and collector of Taylor Swift gifs, residing in Portland, OR. Currently, she works as a data engineer atSimple and volunteers as a board member for ClojureBridge and Bridge Foundry. Previously, she’s worked in distributed systems, as well as English and math education. When not coding, organizing communities, or taking selfies, you can find her on Twitter as @kf.