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Volunteer Sprint #2 – Stuff We Did

The volunteer work sprint on Saturday, February 27, 2010 focused primarily on logistics planning for the upcoming conference. We had several enthusiastic volunteers help out with: Preliminary Hacker Lounge Planning. Initial draft of the Master Conference Schedule. A review of open logistics tasks and filling in any missing gaps in Redmine. We came up with some […]

Volunteer Sprint: Saturday, February 27 11am to 4pm

Please join us Saturday, February 27, 2010  for a Volunteer Work Sprint and tour of the PAM’s Mark Building! Join us at the McMenamins Market Street Pub (1526 S.W. 10th, Portland OR 97201) at 11am to work on a myriad of fun and exciting tasks guaranteed to help make Open Source Bridge 2010 a raging […]

Free, as in Speech

You’re probably tired of hearing it by now, but Open Source Bridge is 100% run by volunteers. Each and every one of us working to produce this conference is doing it without any compensation, following a very open source approach, free as in speech, or beer, depending on the situation. Why? We <3 open source. […]

Want a Gold Star?

You know you do. Deep down inside, you remember back in elementary school how great it was to get that coveted gold star from your favorite teacher. We at Open Source Bridge know what you want. So, we’re offering you the chance to earn that gold star, or pay for it, your choice. Very soon, […]

Open Source World Domination, Part I

You know what I love about open source? That we can name a conference something a little awkward like “Open Source Bridge”, and no marketing department stops us. There’s a project called Drizzle, that was forked from a commercial company and a team of what traditionally might be considered competitors ran with it. We can […]