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Day 1: Tuesday, June 21

Open Source Bridge kicks off tomorrow! We’ll be at the Eliot Center in Portland, OR (1226 SW Salmon St) from Tuesday June 21 through Friday June 24. Registration opens at 8am and the keynote begins at 9am in the Sanctuary. (Don’t worry, there’s coffee and tea.) Here is Tuesday’s schedule. Tuesday’s keynote speaker is the […]

Friday, June 26

All good things must come to and end but great things can live on in hashtags: #osb15 (#osbridge for an evergreen hashtag). Our Friday schedule is entirely in unconference format. What does that mean? Join us at 9am in the Hacker Lounge for a kick-off session and collaborative scheduling. Each of you is welcome to […]

Thursday, June 25

We were wrong about the evil daystar’s hellfire on Wednesday. Half of the day was cloudy and there were even a couple rain droplets. On Thursday the temperature will get in the 90s, creeping up to over 100 degrees on Saturday. But that won’t be our problem. That will be AlterConf‘s problem. Here is Thursday’s […]

Tuesday, June 23

Welcome to Open Source Bridge! This is the 7th year of our 4-day, tech-packed event. Is this really Portland? It’s supposed to be hot and sunny on Tuesday and hotter and sunnier as the week goes on. Thank goodness for the air-conditioned Elliot Center. Please keep yourself hydrated.  Here is Tuesday’s schedule Registration opens at […]

Proposal Submission Tips

We’re getting close to the deadline for proposal submissions and thought it might be helpful to provide some tips about how to get your proposal accepted. These tips aren’t meant to be exclusive to Open Source Bridge. We hope you will be able to apply some of them when you submit to speak elsewhere. Have […]