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Where To Stay? A Guide for Out-Of-Towners

So you’ve decided to come to Open Source Bridge in Portland, Oregon this June 21 – 24, but you’re coming from out of town, don’t know the area all that well, and need a place to stay? Don’t worry, we have some options for you near our Eliot Center conference venue. We put together a […]

Portland Art Museum Shows Off for Bridge Participants!

The Portland Art Museum’s Mark Building is this year’s Open Source Bridge conference venue. Our partnership with the Museum means more than just an inspiring backdrop for open source awesomeness. The PAM is offering special deals for Bridge participants during and all throughout the month of June. During the conference, your Open Source Bridge badge gives you […]

Hotel Discounts Around Portland: May 31-June 5

We hope you’ll be joining us at Open Source Bridge! If you’re looking for a place to stay, Travel Command has helped us line up some hotel discounts. In order to reserve a room at the rates below, email Travel Command at: Ace Hotel: $109.00 per night Jupiter Hotel: $75.00 per night Paramount Hotel: […]

You Submitted and Forgot to Register?

Now that the mad dash to submit proposals has ended, the content team is hunkering down in an undisclosed, secure facility to lay out exactly what this conference will look like. By the way, thanks to everyone who submitted, tweeted about submitting, blogged about it, nagged friends to do it. You guys are awesome. In […]

Two Great Tastes . . .

You know the rest. Yeah, that oldie, but goodie seems to be experiencing a resurgence. Or maybe it’s just that I hang out with Rick way too much. Oopie. Well, here comes the Portland technical conference version of Reese’s: Open Source Bridge and WebVisions. I’m happy to announce that WebVisions (May 20-22, 2009 at the […]