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Hotel Discounts Around Portland: May 31-June 5

We hope you’ll be joining us at Open Source Bridge! If you’re looking for a place to stay, Travel Command has helped us line up some hotel discounts. In order to reserve a room at the rates below, email Travel Command at: Ace Hotel: $109.00 per night Jupiter Hotel: $75.00 per night Paramount Hotel: […]

Initial food maps for the conference! Your help needed.

UPDATE: See bottom of the post. Scott (@zenpuffin) posted this message to our mailing list today: Since OSB is at a new location this year, we can re-use the food cart map but not the coffee and food maps from 2009. I have started some preliminary maps for these which can be found here: OSB […]

Calling all User Groups

Say you were organizing a kick-ass conference that wasn’t focused on specific technologies or languages, but rather on being an open source citizen. You’d want to contact all the user groups out there, and not just the local ones, hosted in your city, but the ones in other cities around the world. You’d want to […]

Calling all Students

Here’s an Easter Egg that might surprise you. If you’re a student, you can register and attend Open Source Bridge for the low, low price of $99. You read that right. $99 and all you need to do is show us your current student identification when you arrive at the conference. Not a bad deal. […]

Five Tracks to Rule Them All

The track names for Open Source Bridge are a little unusual. No Ruby, Perl, System Administration, Linux—instead we have Cooking, Chemistry, Culture, Hacks (and Business, but you’ve seen that one elsewhere). So what’s going on? How are these relevant to open source software? When we had our very first planning meeting for the conference, we […]