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Get to Know Shauna Gordon-McKeon

Shauna Gordon-McKeon’s keynote speech is Free Culture in an Expensive World, exploring how our social norms around money impact who participates in open source and how they do so. Shauna Gordon-McKeon is an independent researcher and developer who focuses on free technologies and communities. She runs a business, Galaxy Rise Consulting, providing web and mobile […]

Get to Know Audrey Eschright

Audrey Eschright’s keynote speech is Creating a Third Wave of Free/Open Source Software, proposing that if Free Software is the first generation, and Open Source is the second, current efforts toward creating an inclusive and sustainable world make up a third generation that we can start to form into a broader plan. Audrey is a […]

Open Source Bridge on Strange Love Live

Open Source Bridge co-founders, Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright, appeared on Portland’s leading tech podcast, Strange Love Live, last week. In the interview, Selena and Audrey highlight some of the thinking behind the conference, provide some insight into the unconference portion of Open Source Bridge, and talk about the hacker lounge. Among other things. On […]

Organizing community events

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re all volunteering to pull Open Source Bridge together. It’s a great deal of effort, but we’re really excited to see the enthusiasm from the community as things begin to take shape. What are we learning as we work to build an event for open source citizens? You can get a […]

Becoming an “open source citizen”

As we’ve begun introducing Open Source Bridge to the community, we’ve described it as a conference about “open source citizenship.” But what does that mean, exactly? Audrey Eschright, one of the co-founders of the conference, took some time to delve into the concept of open source citizenship: We’re planning a conference that will connect developers […]