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Open Source Bridge 2011: Registration Now Open!

Open Source Bridge is happy to announce that we have opened registration for our upcoming conference in June 2011! See our registration page for all the details: Open Source Bridge will be held June 21-24, 2011 at the Eliot Center in Downtown Portland, Oregon. We are planning for our best event yet and your participation will help make […]

Hotel Discounts Around Portland: May 31-June 5

We hope you’ll be joining us at Open Source Bridge! If you’re looking for a place to stay, Travel Command has helped us line up some hotel discounts. In order to reserve a room at the rates below, email Travel Command at: Ace Hotel: $109.00 per night Jupiter Hotel: $75.00 per night Paramount Hotel: […]

You Submitted and Forgot to Register?

Now that the mad dash to submit proposals has ended, the content team is hunkering down in an undisclosed, secure facility to lay out exactly what this conference will look like. By the way, thanks to everyone who submitted, tweeted about submitting, blogged about it, nagged friends to do it. You guys are awesome. In […]

Last call: Open Source Bridge proposals, comments, and early bird pricing end

It’s understandable. When we extended the deadline for proposals on March 31, it probably seemed like April 10 was a long, long time away. At that point, your stress level dropped. You probably kicked back, pondered your bevy of potential proposal topics, and actually did rejoice in the fact that you had more time. My […]

Calling all Students

Here’s an Easter Egg that might surprise you. If you’re a student, you can register and attend Open Source Bridge for the low, low price of $99. You read that right. $99 and all you need to do is show us your current student identification when you arrive at the conference. Not a bad deal. […]