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Speaker focus: Unit test your Database!

David Wheeler is a consultant and developer presenting Unit Test Your Database at 10am on Thursday, June 18. Here’s why you should attend my Open Source Bridge talk, “Unit Test Your Database!”: To see test-driven development in action To watch me ship well-tested code with a serious bug To witness on-stage beer consumption To laugh […]

Speaker focus: Relax with CouchDB

This is a guest post from Chris Anderson, a CouchDB developer presenting Deploying from the edge with CouchDB. We know good things happen when users control their data and have access to the application source code. The web gave us an incredible simple model for application development, but the downside was code locked up on […]

Book a Room Now, Get the Early Bird Rate

We hope you’re getting excited for the conference. With less than a month to go, we’re in the middle of our final preparations, and it’s shaping up to be awesome. It’s very rewarding to see the near culmination of the brainchild Selena and Audrey birthed back in October. We didn’t really get off the ground […]

Notes from the Town Hall Meeting

Thank you everyone who came to the town hall meeting last night at CubeSpace. If you missed it, you can view the slides below, or watch the video (thanks Randal Schwartz for streaming this!). Open Source Bridge Town Hall 2 View more presentations from osbridge. I talked about some of the things we’ve been working […]

A sneak peek at our accepted talks

Why hello there! The Open Source Bridge team has been hard at work: cranking out code, contacting user groups and reviewing all the amazing proposals we’ve received since we opened our call on January 26. It’s paid off with more registrations, our first Gold Star member, and even more great proposals. You’ve been good to […]