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Hacking public data with YQL in the hacker lounge

Not only is Yahoo! Developer Network the sponsor of the hacker lounge, they also have some stuff for us to hack on. And what could be better than public data? Dig in. Yahoo! has announced that US government data is now available through YQL. Not sure what to do? Well, they have some examples using […]

High Speed Internet at the Hacker Lounge

Stephouse Networks sponsors the 24hr Hacker Lounge with a 50mbps up link and wifi.

Speaker Focus: Anselm Hook and Ubiquitous Angels

Anselm Hook will be talking about Ubiquitous Angels on Thursday at 11:20 in the Morrison room. As I’m working along on my project and presentation for OSBridge I’m taking a moment to think about how great the tools are that we have today. These tools are making it much easier to be an open source […]

Apparently, Harvard Business thinks Open Source Bridge is a really good idea, too

Even when you’re pretty darn sure you’re going about things the right way, it’s always nice to have some positive reinforcement. Especially when it’s Harvard telling you that you’re smart. Harvard Business just posted a piece bemoaning the state of the modern conferences and suggesting some ways to improve them. We couldn’t agree more. And […]

Speaker focus: Hal Pomeranz and Command-line Fu

Hal Pomeranz is an IT consultant and veteran of the open source world. He will be presenting Command-line Kung Fu in June. For me, Open Source software is very much about leverage. Open Source tools allow their creators to share their own productivity enhancements with the entire community, thereby making everybody more efficient. That’s powerful. […]