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Open source conference prerequisite #1: Space for hacking

We’ve been to any number of open source conferences. And for as much as we get out of the sessions, we always seem to get just as much—if not more—from the time spent with other developers. Whether it’s camping out in the hallway, hanging out in coffee shops, or late-night code sessions at the hotel, […]

Code, text and outreach sprint: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

This Sunday only, it’s Open Source Bridge volunteer madness at Ristretto Coffee. Ah monster trucks. Anyway, we’re hosting a volunteer-a-thon this Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM, starting at Ristretto Coffee for coffee, and migrating to Lompoc 5th Quadrant for lunch. Want to help? Here’s what we’ll be doing: Join us to work on one […]

Organizing community events

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re all volunteering to pull Open Source Bridge together. It’s a great deal of effort, but we’re really excited to see the enthusiasm from the community as things begin to take shape. What are we learning as we work to build an event for open source citizens? You can get a […]

Open Source Bridge is on IRC

We’ve set up an IRC channel for conversations about Open Source Bridge! Connect with us at #osbridge on Selena (handle: selenamarie) hangs out there most of the day (Pacific timezone), and a few other hackers will drop in from time to time. We’d love some help staffing the channel. Also, if you’re a wizard […]