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Get Your Simpson On

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, I”m sure you know that its creator, Matt Groening (pronounced gray-ning, sort of like, raining), grew up here in Portland, Oregon. While you are here for the Open Source Bridge Conference (or before or after) make sure to check out all the connections between the show and […]

Why I’m Going To Open Source Bridge: Kelly Guimont

Three reasons Kelly Guimont is going to Open Source Bridge: I want to learn more about Open Source from people who are excited to show it off. I want to learn about how to be a better Open Source Citizen. I”m interested in how companies can online casino and do make profits off of Open […]

Why I’m Going To Open Source Bridge: John DeRosa

Three reasons why John DeRosa is going to Open Source Bridge I’m looking for a new job, and I want to work with & in open-source technologies. Hanging out with hundreds of smart open-source developers will be a great way to do career networking. Even if I don’t hear about actual jobs, I’ll learn about […]

Why I'm Going To Open Source Bridge: Don Park

Three reasons Don Park is going to Open Source Bridge: The Portland tech community puts on high quality events. The amazing efforts of the co-chairs and team leads have involved the community at large right from the start. There has been opportunity to participate all year long. Previous tech events have given the experience needed […]

Get A Room: Get A Perk

As I”m sure you can probably tell, we love Portland. We love its sights, its sounds and yes, even its rain. And while we know your main reason to visit Portland will be to revel in the loveliness that is the Open Source Bridge conference, we don”t want your delight to stop there. So here”s […]