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Free, as in Speech

You’re probably tired of hearing it by now, but Open Source Bridge is 100% run by volunteers. Each and every one of us working to produce this conference is doing it without any compensation, following a very open source approach, free as in speech, or beer, depending on the situation. Why? We <3 open source. […]

Help us Produce this Event

Now that speakers and keynotes are announced, we can focus more attention on the logistical pieces of the conference. As we discussed at the town hall last week, we have an immediate need for volunteers that want to help with operational stuff at our venue, the Oregon Convention Center (OCC), and at Hilton Portland, where […]

You Submitted and Forgot to Register?

Now that the mad dash to submit proposals has ended, the content team is hunkering down in an undisclosed, secure facility to lay out exactly what this conference will look like. By the way, thanks to everyone who submitted, tweeted about submitting, blogged about it, nagged friends to do it. You guys are awesome. In […]

Did You Know? Proposal Comments Edition

If you read here, you probably know that we’ve adopted a transparent proposals model, meaning you can see all the sessions that have been proposed for Open Source Bridge. If you didn’t know that, surprise! You can see all the sessions proposed so far, and even subscribe to the feed to see new proposals as […]

Want a Gold Star?

You know you do. Deep down inside, you remember back in elementary school how great it was to get that coveted gold star from your favorite teacher. We at Open Source Bridge know what you want. So, we’re offering you the chance to earn that gold star, or pay for it, your choice. Very soon, […]