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Speaker Focus: Lev Tsypin and Drupal

Lev Tsypin will be presenting “Drupal, what is it good for?” tomorrow (Wednesday) morning in the Marquam room at 10:00. My presentation will cover some Drupal basics including history, core concepts, and system structure. From there, we will dig into Drupal’s strengths and weaknesses, finishing off by discussing the types of projects Drupal is best […]

Speaker Focus: Anselm Hook and Ubiquitous Angels

Anselm Hook will be talking about Ubiquitous Angels on Thursday at 11:20 in the Morrison room. As I’m working along on my project and presentation for OSBridge I’m taking a moment to think about how great the tools are that we have today. These tools are making it much easier to be an open source […]

Speaker Focus: Sherri Montgomery and Get off your asana and move!

From 6:15-7pm on Wednesday afternoon. We got connected to her through Christie Koehler, who is managing volunteers on-site during the conference AND giving a talk on Tools for Freelancers. Preparing for Open Source Bridge As the date for Open Source Bridge gets closer I’m feeling some butterflies about offering a session on yoga at a […]

Speaker focus: Unit test your Database!

David Wheeler is a consultant and developer presenting Unit Test Your Database at 10am on Thursday, June 18. Here’s why you should attend my Open Source Bridge talk, “Unit Test Your Database!”: To see test-driven development in action To watch me ship well-tested code with a serious bug To witness on-stage beer consumption To laugh […]

Speaker focus: Hal Pomeranz and Command-line Fu

Hal Pomeranz is an IT consultant and veteran of the open source world. He will be presenting Command-line Kung Fu in June. For me, Open Source software is very much about leverage. Open Source tools allow their creators to share their own productivity enhancements with the entire community, thereby making everybody more efficient. That’s powerful. […]