Day 4: Friday, June 24

Join us at the Eliot Center in Portland, OR (1226 SW Salmon St) for our last day of Open Source Bridge 2016.

Our Friday schedule is entirely in unconference format. What does that mean? Join us at 9am in the Hacker Lounge for a kick-off session and collaborative scheduling. Each of you is welcome to propose a topic for discussion, a question you’d like to answer, or project to work on together. If you’ve never participated in an unconference before, we’ll walk you through it during the kickoff. Today’s activities are open to all registered attendees, including Community Pass holders, so invite a friend! Free childcare is still available in room A108, 8am-6pm.

Our Hacker Lounge is still open for Friday. Show our Lego table some love, share your wisdom with the world at our zine-making space, and DON’T hurt yourself at our soldering station.

For New Attendees!

Our entrance is on Salmon between 12th and 13th.

Please review our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy. There are colored-coded lanyards to let us each indicate whether we would like to be photographed. Get the color that matches your preference at registration, and please be observant of other attendees’ preferences. If you have any questions or issues around Code of Conduct or recording issues, find an organizer (their nametag will say “Organizer” on it) or a volunteer in a yellow Citizen Volunteer shirt.

Use OSB2016 for wifi. It is open.

There are all-women’s and all-gender bathrooms are on every floor. Single occupancy bathrooms are on the third floor next to 302.

Our quiet room is A301 near the all-gender single stall bathrooms.


Kronda Adair holding award

Kronda Adair is the winner of the 2016 Open Source Citizenship Award. Congratulations! You are pretty darn amazing.

If anything you brought to the conference has since gone missing, don’t forget to stop by Lost & Found at the Registration desk.

Return your lanyards before you leave so we can reuse them. They really don’t make that great of a souvenir anyway.

Make sure you’re around (if your travel plans allow) for the wrap-up session at 3:30. You’ll have a chance to share feedback on the conference, the unconference, and talk about what you’ve learned. Let us know what worked and what didn’t, so we can build an even better conference for next year. We are also collecting ideas here.

All good things must come to and end but great things can live on in hashtags: #osb16 (#osbridge for an evergreen hashtag). If you need our immediate attention on Twitter, it’s best to tweet at @osbridge.

Thank you times infinity!

Thank you organizers, for all your hard work planning and coordinating every last thing we needed to be here, at this conference this week. The 2016 organizing team: Thursday Bram, Shawna Scott, Meli Lewis, Julie Pagano, Lauren Voswinkel, Paige Hubbell, Ariel Spear, Dylan Dills, César Sierra, Lauren Hudgins, Ed Groth, Christopher Swenson, Chris Freeman, and kf.

Thank you, volunteers! The hours you put in made this event run smoothly, and created the space for all of us to participate. Open-sourced blessings upon your yellow-clad hearts.

Thank you speakers! Your talks shared valuable lessons, great tricks, and all the nuts and bolts of how we do our work. You built the frame for all the other conversations that we participated in. We’ve learned a lot from you.

Thank you to this year’s sponsors for supporting our Open Source Bridge! Our Silver Level sponsors were Capital One, Google, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, and New Relic.

We will sincerely miss you. Take care of your wonderful selves. See you next year.

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