Day 2: Wednesday, June 22

Join us at the Eliot Center in Portland, OR (1226 SW Salmon St) through Friday, June 24. Our keynote begins at 9am in the Sanctuary. Wake up with a little coffee or tea beforehand.

Here is Wednesday’s schedule.

JuliaWednesday’s keynote speaker is Julia Nguyen.

Julia (@fleurchild) is a web and mobile developer, writer, speaker, and computer science student. She organizes mentorship events and workshops at the University of Waterloo Women in Computer Science Undergraduate Committee (WiCS). She also volunteers with Write/Speak/Code, an organization empowering female thought leaders in technical writing, conference speaking, and open source.

Exploring Mental Illness With Open Source

Julia Nguyen leads if me, an app to share mental health experiences with loved ones. In doing so, she has explored her insecurities with mental illness, learned how to engage diverse contributors, and developed better software practices with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. She’ll share the lessons she has learned from transforming a passion project into an open source project.

Read our interview with Julia.

Out of the Sessions

Our Hacker Lounge will be open during and after sessions throughout the week. Show our Lego table some love, share your wisdom with the world at our zine-making space, and DON’T hurt yourself at our soldering station.

BoFs (Birds of a Feather) happen in two time evening time slots: 7:00–8:30 and 8:30–10:00. We’ll have a sign-up board in the Hacker Lounge. Current proposals are here.

We have a very wonderful LMT in a snug little room toward the back of the Hacker Lounge. Charise will be here Weds and Thurs from 9:30-1:30 and 3:00-5:45.

Announcements & Reminders

Whether this is your first time at Open Source Bridge or not, please review our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy. There are colored-coded lanyards to let us each indicate whether we would like to be photographed. Get the color that matches your preference at registration, and please be observant of other attendees’ preferences. If you have any questions or issues around Code of Conduct or recording issues, find an organizer (their nametag will say “Organizer” on it) or a volunteer in a yellow Citizen Volunteer shirt.

There are all-women’s and all-gender bathrooms are on every floor. Single occupancy bathrooms are on the third floor next to 302.

Our quiet room is A301 near the all-gender single stall bathrooms.

We will not be providing food this year (except at the party on Thursday). If you are unable to leave the venue you can request a runner to pick up lunch for you using this form. If you are able to head out, guides will meet you in the Hacker Lounge to help you find the best lunch spots.

Hashtags! Use #osb16 or #osbridge. (Some online safety event across the pond is also using #OSB16.) We’ll be paying attention to those hashtags and sharing some of them. If you need our immediate attention on Twitter, it’s best to tweet at @osbridge.

Childcare is available in room A108, 8am-6pm through Friday.

Nominations for our Open Source Citizenship Award are open until 11:59pm on Wednesday. You may nominate up to 3 people.

Do you have suggstions for making Open Source Bridge even better? We’re collecting ideas here.

Thanks to all the volunteers that make OSBridge possible. Please consider helping out by volunteering for a shift this week. See the app for empty slots.

Thank you sponsors!

Thank you to this year’s sponsors for supporting our Open Source Bridge! Our Silver Level sponsors are Capital One, Google, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, and New Relic. Our media sponsors are The Recompiler and You can still donate to our crowdfunding efforts, if you like.

Enjoy your day!

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