We’re Crowdfunding!


Open Source Bridge does amazing things with very little. Companies running conferences on this scale often need a budget of half a million dollars. We run Open Source Bridge on about twenty percent of that — less than $100K. This tight budget means that every year, we start from scratch on fundraising for the conference.

We cover part of our costs by selling tickets to attendees like you. We also offer sponsorships to organizations wanting to reach Open Source Bridge attendees. We already have a venue and an amazing batch of speakers. But there are other costs of running a conference that are harder to cover through sponsorship. We’re asking for your help to cover those costs and to help us make Open Source Bridge more sustainable.

What Does $8,000 Get Us?

With this campaign, we’re focused on covering some specific costs. If we raise the full $8,000 we’re asking for, we’ll use the money to pay for the following:

  • The Open Source Citizenship Award ($100): We’ll be able to present the Open Source Citizenship Award to a member of the open source community.
  • Honorariums for Our Keynote Speakers ($1,500): We’ll pay our keynote speakers an honorarium for their hard work.
  • Child Care ($3,500): We’ll provide childcare free of charge for all our attendees, in order to make the conference more accessible to parents.
  • Scholarships for Food and Travel ($2,900): In addition to covering the cost of a ticket for scholarship attendees, we’ll provide a stipend to cover the other expenses of coming to Open Source Bridge.

Raising this money for Open Source Bridge also helps us move toward more sustainable funding. As part of preparing for this year’s conference, we’re making things easier to continue to run for years to come. Click here to support us!

You can use the discount code “osbgenerosity” until May 20th to get $42 off your OSB16 pass!

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