Extending the Open Source Bridge CFP + Some Amazing Talks from Last Year

Extending the Open Source Bridge CFP

Haven’t got your proposal in for Open Source Bridge 2016? You’re in luck! We’re extending the CFP until 11:59 PM PDT April 20th.

Our co-chairs also rounded up their favorite talks from last year to give you a little extra inspiration for your proposals.

Thursday’s Favorite Talks

I pulled up a few of my favorite talks from last year and these four topped my list:

Put Up or Shut Up: An Open Letter to Tech Companies” by Kronda Adair — Kronda gave a straight-forward keynote on toxic cultures we see in the tech industry. (Session description)

Care and Feeding of a Job Search” by VM Brasseur — I send VM’s talk to everyone I know who is looking for a job. It’s a great resource. (Session description)

How to Teach Git” by Georgia Reh — Georgia’s walk-through on how to teach Git goes a lot deeper that just discussing the technicalities of a tool. She talked about the metaphors and ‘incantations’ we use while teaching. (Session description)

Building a Text Adventure Game in Python” by Katie Silverio — I walked out of Katie Silverio’s talk with a dozen ideas on text adventure games I could write, as well as an understanding of the tools I needed to get started. (Session description)

Shawna’s Favorite Talks

Some context: I actually had to miss the last two days of the conference, so these are my favorites just from the beginning of the conference!

Of course, I could listen to Kronda Adair preach about tech forever, but since Thursday’s already claimed that talk:

For Love or Money” by Audrey Eschright — Audrey gave an amazing, nuanced personal account of open source in her life and the community at large. (Session description)

HTTP Can Do That?!?” by Sumana Harihareswara — Sumana taught me so many astonishing things about HTTP, while making me laugh all the way through. (Session description)

Kenny_g.rb: Making Ruby Write Smooth Jazz” by Tim Krajcar — Continuing on the silly end of the spectrum, watch Tim make Ruby write smooth jazz. (Session description)

A Profile of Performance Profiling with pprof” by Lauren Voswinkel — And in the category of things you can start using to improve your work immediately, Lauren teaches us about pprof for performance profiling. (Session description)

So make use of our CFP extension and get your proposals in!

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