Thursday, June 25

We were wrong about the evil daystar’s hellfire on Wednesday. Half of the day was cloudy and there were even a couple rain droplets. On Thursday the temperature will get in the 90s, creeping up to over 100 degrees on Saturday. But that won’t be our problem. That will be AlterConf‘s problem.

Here is Thursday’s schedule

Stephanie Morillo pictureOur keynote begins at 9am in the Sanctuary. Coming across the country from the Bronx, Stephanie Morillo (@radiomorillo) is a Dominican-American musician, writer, and technologist. She frequently writes about race, class, her experiences learning to code, and working in tech. She helps others learn to program, sings melancholic songs, and dreams about well-written documentation because the world needs it. She recently did an interview on the Less Than or Equal podcast.

Opening Up The Current Open Source Blueprint

Accessibility, diversity, and open source holding itself accountable to its own standards of what it means to be an open community.

Thursday’s Menu: Breakfast is fresh and dried fruit and nuts and oatmeal from Pacific Foods. Lunch is catered by Thai Garden. Cookies by Sweetpea Baking and Petunia’s Pies & Pastries (gf). All food is vegan unless otherwise noted.

Open source collaboration for tackling real world environmental problems” was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but one of the speakers, got grounded in Philadelphia under the threat of tornado. The talk will be presented by co-speaker Mathew Lippincott at 4:45 on Thursday in B304.

It’s the big day! It’s the day of The Doubleclicks and the #OSB15 party! The Doubleclicks will rock your socks off (with consent, of course) at 6pm in the Sanctuary.

You don’t even have to go anywhere for the party; it’s at the Eliot Center. We begin the celebration at 7pm. Party food is catered by the Cuban restaurant Pambiche, with dessert by Back to Eden Bakery. We’ll be serving beer, cider, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages.

Libate lightly if you plan to take part in the OSH Park Intro to Soldering workshop. We’ll also be playing tabletop games supplied by Guardian Games, picking locks, practicing Japanese calligraphy, and solving cubes. Thank you, New Relic, our party sponsor.

Announcements & Reminders

The usual reminders: observing our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy helps keep this a fun and welcoming event for all.

Keys go missing, phones go missing, but sooner or later they end up at Lost & Found. Stop by the Registration desk to see if we have yours. If you need help with anything else, find a volunteer (you can identify them by their badges or the bright pink shirt).

Hashtags! Most people seem to be using #osb15, but we do have a few #osbridge rebels.

The cutoff for nominating a worthy citizen of open source for the 2015 Open Source Citizenship Award is 4pm. People don’t get recognized enough for their contributions to open source. We are not thankless!

Thank you sponsors!

Thank you to this year’s sponsors for supporting Open Source Bridge, including advocate sponsors RentrakMandrill, and Sumana Harihareswara; you sparkle ponies, and other Citizens and Friends.

And as usual, drink some water. This means you, #teamovercaffeinatedhummingbird. Especially at the party. Don’t become hungover owls.

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