Wednesday, June 24

Yesterday was marvelous. Thank you to all our amazing speakers and volunteers. There’s already an excellent article about Kronda Adair’s keynote in the Portland Business Journal.

If you haven’t noticed, Oregon is unfortunately suffering from a drought and you can expect more relentless beaming from the daystar. We’re starting to get used to it. Remember to drink water. Not just coffee, you overcaffeinated humming birds. Water.

Here is Wednesday’s schedule

Carina C. Zona’s keynote begins at 9am in the Sanctuary.

Carina C. Zona (@cczona) is a developer, community builder, advocate, certified sex educator, and whimsical gluten-free baker. Carina is the founder of @CallbackWomen, an initiative devoted to getting more women onto the podium as programmer conferences’ speakers. She has also been an organizer & instructor for many tech women’s organizations, including formerly serving on Railsbridge’s core team.

Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm

Content Notice: this talk addresses problems in how developers deal with sensitive topics such as grieving, PTSD, depression, miscarriage, infertility, surveillance, racial profiling, sexual history, consent, and assault.

We have ethical responsibilities when coding. We’re able to extract remarkably precise intuitions about an individual. But do we have a right to know what they didn’t consent to share, even when they willingly shared the data that leads us there? How do we mitigate against unintended outcomes? In this talk, we’ll learn how to build in systematic empathy, integrate practices for examining how our code might harm individuals, and net consequences that can be better for everyone.

Wednesdays’ menu: Fruit, nuts, and Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal from Pacific Foods, lunch by the Ethiopian restaurant Bete-Lukas, cookies for the afternoon break from Sweetpea Baking and Petunia’s Pies and Pastries (GF). Everything is vegan unless otherwise noted.

Feeling tense about your upcoming talk? Schedule a massage sometime between 3:00pm and 5:30pm. (If you can’t get one on Wednesday, Charise will be back on Thursday). You can also ease some tension with yoga at 5:45pm.

BoFs (Birds of a Feather) happen Wednesday in two time evening time slots: 7:00–8:30 and 8:30–10:00. We have a sign-up whiteboard in the Hacker Lounge. Sign up as soon as possible to get your preferred time. Stop by and add yours, or see what’s there.

Announcements & Reminders

Nominations for the 2015 Open Source Citizenship Award are open. Show someone in the community how much you appreciate them with a nomination.

There is still availability for childcare, free for all attendees. Please ask at registration if this would help you attend the conference.

We need party volunteers for Thursday evening. Help us have fun. Use the app to schedule those times, or check in the volunteer lounge. If you are not registered for Thursday and would like to attend on that day for free, sign up to be a party volunteer.

There’s a bike glove on the loose! See if you can apprehand it. (wah wah). If you see our little wanderer, please bring it to Lost & Found at registration.

Hiring? Looking for a job? Write your information on our job board in the Hacker Lounge.

Don’t forget to read and review the Code of Conduct and Recording Policy. Did you know our policies are on Github and can be forked for your own events and organizations?

Hashtags are #osb15 and #osbridge.

Thank you sponsors!

Thank you to this year’s sponsors for supporting Open Source Bridge! They are: Party Sponsor New Relic, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mandrill; you sparkle ponies, and other Citizens and Friends.

Get some sleep and then get excited!

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