Tuesday, June 23

Welcome to Open Source Bridge! This is the 7th year of our 4-day, tech-packed event.

Is this really Portland? It’s supposed to be hot and sunny on Tuesday and hotter and sunnier as the week goes on. Thank goodness for the air-conditioned Elliot Center. Please keep yourself hydrated. 

Here is Tuesday’s schedule

Registration opens at 8am and the keynote begins at 9am in the Sanctuary.

Today’s keynote speaker is Portland’s own Kronda Adair. The person who told you last year to stop cyring in the bathroom and face your destiny!

Kronda HeadshotKronda Adair (@kronda) is the founder of Karvel Digital, a WordPress consultancy and development company. In addition to developing websites, Kronda gives business owners the training they need to own and manage their digital presence. She also writes and speaks about issues of diversity (or lack thereof) in the tech industry.

Put Up or Shut Up: An Open Letter to Tech Companies Seeking Diverse Teams

People from marginalized communities struggle to break into tech, clawing our way through a racist, sexist, classist, ableist system only to be fired, quit or just suffer in misery. Kronda will explore what it really takes to create a workplace that is truly welcoming of everyone.

Are you hungry? We will have a light breakfast of with fruit and nuts with coffee service. Lunch is catered by Portland’s beloved Los Gorditos. Snacks come from the esteemed vegan Sweetpea Baking Co., with gluten-free options from Petunia’s Pies and Pastries. All food that we serve is vegetarian, at the very least, and most food is vegan. No one gluten-free will be left hungry.

There has been a schedule change! “Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Developer” (scheduled for 10am) has been canceled.

BoFs (Birds of a Feather) happen in two time evening time slots: 7:00–8:30 and 8:30–10:00. We’ll have a sign-up board in the Hacker Lounge. Current proposals are here.

Announcements & Reminders

Whether this is your first time at Open Source Bridge or not, please review our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy.

There are colored-coded lanyards to let us each indicate whether we would like to be photographed. Get the color that matches your preference at registration, and please be observant of other attendees’ preferences.

If you have any questions or issues around Code of Conduct or recording issues, find an organizer (their nametag will say “Organizer” on it) or a volunteer in a pink Citizen Volunteer shirt.

We will have a quiet room available if you need some time and space. Ask a volunteer if you’re having a difficult time locating it.

Hashtags! Use #osb15 or #osbridge. We’ll be paying attention to those hashtags and sharing some of them. If you need our immediate attention on Twitter, it’s best to tweet at @osbridge.

Thank you sponsors!

Thank you to this year’s sponsors for supporting our Open Source Bridge! They are: party sponsor New Relic, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mandrill; you sparkle ponies, and other Citizens and Friends.

Have fun! We’re ready for all your awesomeness. 

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