Last chance to sponsor this year’s event!

We’re about to call it a wrap on this year’s fund-raising for Open Source Bridge. You have less than a week to jump aboard to have a presence at one of our best known and respected local tech conferences. (Check out our amazing schedule!)

Sponsorship packages start at just $1k! For that you’ll get a full pass to the conference and your company logo + link on conference media, including: website, social media channels, and program. Want more passes or greater visibility? Check out our prospectus (pdf) for all the options.

Participating in OSBridge means you’ll meet brilliant tech talent and get to show off your awesome projects:

  • We’re the “conference for Open Source citizens” now in our 7th year. We focus on open source skill-building and using open source technologies to innovate in our work and our communities.
  • ~500 engaged technologists attend, including: journalists, developers & engineers, designers, community managers and more.
  • Supporting our conference supports diversity in tech: We have invited 50% women and 20% non-white speakers. This year we’re leveling up our inclusion efforts by adding speaker travel support and childcare.
  • Open Source Bridge is hosted by non-profit Stumptown Syndicate, is volunteer-run, and any proceeds go back towards local technology education.

Email  if you’d like to sign up or know more.

If you’re interested in supporting Open Source Bridge as an individual, consider claiming a pony for our Sparkle Pony Hacker Lounge.

Oh, and of course, you can still buy a ticket if you’d like to attend! Short on cash? Volunteer and get in for free.

Don’t delay, OSBridge is just around the way!

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