Get to Know Kronda Adair

Kronda's headshotKronda Adair (@kronda) is the founder of Karvel Digital, a WordPress consultancy and development company. In addition to developing websites, Kronda gives business owners the training they need to own and manage their digital presence.

She also writes and speaks about issues of diversity (or lack thereof) in the tech industry. She has been interviewed by sites such as Revision Path and Less Than or Equal. You can read her personal blog at or sign up for her weekly newsletter at

We asked her a few questions about her insights on open source via email.

What got you into open source?

​When I was school, I needed to do a real client project for a class so I designed and developed my first custom WordPress site. It’s still up!

What’s been the best advice you’ve gotten and given over the years?

​Everything in this blog post.

If I had t​o pick one thing though I would say, knowing your value is one of the most important aspects of being successful in anything.

What do you want people to take away from your upcoming keynote?

​I want companies and communities to understand that paying lip service to diversity is very different from the real, hard work of creating inclusive environments. When ​they do the former and not the latter, not only can we tell, but they’re doing more harm than good by ‘appearing’ to be safe spaces when they’re not.

Who do you want to reach?

​Agencies, large companies and open source communities.

What OSB15 sessions are you excited about?

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