Thursday Announcements for OSB14

Good morning and welcome to Open Source Bridge Day 3! If your newsletter correspondents seem distracted, it’s because the USA/Germany World Cup match is happening in an hour, and they haven’t decided who they’re rooting for. Have some coffee or tea and a pastry from Black Sheep Bakery while you get warmed up.

The Schedule

We’ll start the day at 9am with Frances Hocutt‘s keynote, “Why are these people following me?”: Leadership for the introverted, uncertain, and astonished.

Today’s changes:

Verify your rooms and times in the online schedule.

Today’s lunch is provided by Veli Thai.

Our closing session for the day is Hold on to Your Asana, a yoga class. All experience levels welcome.

Afterward, we’ll migrate to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center for a party! The festivities kick off at 6:30pm. We’ll have trains, video games (powered by Raspberry Pi), board games (sponsored by Guardian Games, Cuban food, drinks (alcoholic and non-), and cupcakes for dessert. Food by Pambiche, soft drinks sponsored by Shirley Temple Soda Co., and the cupcakes are from Back to Eden. The party is open to all OSB attendees (including Community Pass).

How to get to the party? Find your route to take transit or bike. Meet up in the Hacker Lounge beforehand if you want to find a group to travel with.

The Hacker Lounge will close early so all our volunteers can go to the party, so don’t forget to grab your stuff.

The Announcements

We want you to be comfortable! Take a break in the Quiet Room (room 301A) or sign up for a massage in the Hacker Lounge (between 1-6:30pm). Naps in the Hacker Lounge chairs also seem to be a popular option in the afternoon.

The usual reminders: observing our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy helps keep this a fun and welcoming event for all. The new lanyard colors this year seem to be working well, but if you have feedback, we’d love to hear it.

Keys go missing, phones go missing, but sooner or later they end up at Lost & Found. Stop by the Registration desk to see if we have yours. If you need help with anything else, find a volunteer (you can identify them by their badges or the bright green shirt).

Volunteers make the conference go, and it takes a lot of work. Find out how you can pitch in for an hour or two by stopping by the Volunteer Lounge (room 202A).
Tell us who’s made this conference shine for you by nominating them for the 2014 Open Source Citizenship Award.

The Random Other Things

We lurk on the #osb14 tag, and we see…

  • “No matter how awesome your talk is, if you alienate your audience, they’re gone.”
  • “Overheard statements which are not worrisome in any way: ‘…Literally going to explode!'”
  • “I don’t think we have to worry about Velociraptors… we know Unix!”

The Sponsors

Thank you to Hacker Lounge sponsor Intel, party sponsors Automattic and Mandrill, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mozilla; and other Citizens and Friends.

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