News for OSB14 Day Two

Good morning, citizens of Open Source Bridge. Bring a raincoat or an umbrella if you can, because rain is likely today. Coffee will be served starting at 8am, along with pastries from Black Sheep Bakery and Petunia’s (for gluten-free options).

Today’s Schedule

Our morning begins at 9 with “Explicit Invitations: Passion is Not Enough for True Diversity” by Lukas Blakk. “Open Source suffers from a lack of diversity. Underrepresented populations, for systemic reasons, might never show up unless Open Source communities ‘hack’ themselves through explicit invitation & removing barriers to participation. Can we seed our communities by hacking the social/cultural/systemic issues in order to gain technical contributions from a more diverse set of minds and give to participants an experience in tech that might have long term benefits to them?”

If you’re getting a slow start and won’t make it to the Eliot Center on time, catch the live stream instead.

Schedule updates for Wednesday:

To see the full schedule, with the most up-to-date information available, check out the website:

We’ll break for lunch at noon. Today’s is from Nicholas Restaurant (specializing in Lebanese food).

This afternoon’s closing session is “Geek Choir”. Come sing along!

At 6pm Trimet is hosting the next event in their Open Data Developer Series, a civic hackathon. Join us for an evening of transit apps, new data sets to work with, localization resources, and other hacking and discussion. We’ll also have Indian food from Swagat, and drinks. This event is co-sponsored by Metro, INIT, and Tait.

Birds of a Feather sessions are being scheduled on the whiteboard as you enter the Hacker Lounge. Stop by and add yours, or see what’s there. Sessions will begin at 7pm.

Invite a friend to join us for the Trimet hackathon, BoFs, or general hacking! All they need is a free Community Pass.

Various Announcements

Need a quiet moment to yourself? Visit our quiet room in 301A (it’s off the landing that’s between the 2nd and 3rd floor session rooms). Or stop by the chair massage station in the hacker lounge and schedule a session with our massage therapist, Charise.

Missing something? The Lost & Found station at the Registration desk may have it. Their collection is growing.

Be a Good Citizen

We’d like to remind you to pick up your dishes and return them to bus tubs when you’re done. And please help any coffee cups you spot lingering under the chairs to make their return migration to an appropriate location. The staff misses them.

Sign up to volunteer! Our volunteers have done a fabulous job, and you could be one of these fine people too! We still need session chairs throughout the day. If you’re interested, stop by the volunteer lounge in room 202A.

Don’t forget to read and review the Code of Conduct and Recording Policy. Did you know our policies are on Github and can be forked for your own events and organizations?

Nominate a Good Citizen

The 2014 Open Source Citizenship Award nominees list is looking rather… empty. Has someone helped you, or made your day light up? Let us know.

Some Other Things

You said:

  • “If you don’t hate timezones, you’re not a real programmer.”
  • “…and because I write in Perl they can’t tell what the incantations mean.”
  • “Parenthesis are just hugs for your function calls.”
  • “I still deal with entitlement.” ::shows pictures of cats::

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Yay Sponsors

Thank you to Hacker Lounge sponsor Intel, party sponsors Automattic and Mandrill, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mozilla; and other Citizens and Friends.

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