Friday Announcements for OSB14

The end is in sight! Sadly, this is our last day of Open Source Bridge before next year. Let’s make the most of it.

Today only!

Our Friday schedule is entirely in unconference format. What does that mean? Join us at 9am in the Hacker Lounge for a kick-off session and collaborative scheduling. Each of you is welcome to propose a topic for discussion, a question you’d like to answer, or project to work on together. If you’ve never participated in an unconference before, we’ll walk you through it during the kickoff. Today’s activities are open to all registered attendees, including Community Pass holders, so invite a friend!

Please take notes today and share them on the wiki! Unconference sessions aren’t recorded in any formal way, so we rely on you to document what happens for everyone who couldn’t join us in person.

You can power your session ideas with doughnuts and coffee (or tea). The bright pink Voodoo Doughnut truck will be making an appearance this morning (along with gluten-free doughnuts from Back to Eden).

Lunch will be at noon, on your own. We encourage you to get outside (rain gear may help) and visit a local food cart. Not sure where to look? We made you a map.

Make sure you’re around (if your travel plans allow) for the wrap-up session at 3:30. You’ll have a chance to share feedback on the conference, the unconference, and talk about what you’ve learned.

You can also give us feedback by taking the (quick, short) attendee survey. Let us know what worked and what didn’t, so we can build an even better conference for next year.

If anything you brought to the conference has since gone missing, don’t forget to stop by Lost & Found at the Registration desk.

Thank you times infinity!

Thank you organizers! For all your hard work planning and coordinating every last thing we needed to be here, at this conference this week. The 2014 organizing team: Christie Koehler, Reid Beels, Melissa Chavez, Kirsten Comandich, Audrey Eschright, Amy Farrell, Chris Freeman, Amanda Weir, and Jonan Sheffler.

Thank you volunteers! The hours you put in made this event run smoothly, and created the space for all of us to participate. Over 70 of you contributed your time.

Thank you speakers! Your talks shared valuable lessons, great tricks, and all the nuts and bolts of how we do our work. You built the frame for all the other conversations that we participated in. We’ve learned a lot from you.

Thank you sponsors! We love your support for open source communities and the work we do together. Hacker Lounge sponsor Intel, party sponsors Automattic and Mandrill, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mozilla, and other Citizens and Friends.

Thank you attendees! You’re the reason we’re here, and we love the energy you bring to learning, sharing, and teaching others. We hope you’ll spead open source citizenship everywhere you go.

See you next year!

For more talks, more hacking, more discussion, more Lego table, more dinosaur jokes, more snacks, more board games, more friends, more sticker swaps, more you! We need your help to make this happen: let us know how you want to get involved.

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