Announcing the Open Source Bridge 2014 lineup!

We’re very excited to announce the session lineup and schedule for this year’s Open Source Bridge conference! These presentations will be given as part of our 4-day event June 24th through the 27th in Portland, Oregon.

This year’s conference features knowledgeable speakers covering a broad range of open source topics. So, if you’ve been holding off on registering, now is a great time to do so!

Our selection process was a tough one, with over 240 excellent submissions to evaluate, but we were helped immensely by comments left by the community — thank you! One thing that we still have left to do is to assign rooms for all of these sessions, and we could use a little help. Please indicate talks you’re interested in attending by marking them as a favorite (click the star icon to the right of the session name). This will (hopefully) let us make more informed decisions about which talks need larger spaces.

And now… the selections:






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