Celebrating Five Years of Open Source Bridge

Five years of open source citizenship has taught us many things.

We have so much to learn from each other, across languages, projects, and other aspects of our work. Our open source work benefits not just from sharing what we’re doing, but from active cross-pollination, and an eager desire to find out what we can learn from others.

When we create an environment where everyone can participate, new and more diverse voices join in. This aids our efforts to share and learn across different backgrounds, perspectives, and groups.

Mentoring, training, and other focused education efforts help new developers and other contributors to join us, by creating defined pathways for learning and participating as a newcomer. We’ve learned that these too are skills we can cultivate and share.

When we continue to encourage and support new people, they take on more responsibility and shape what happens next. This is what keeps our open source work vibrant and alive! That’s why we’re looking forward to our next five years of Open Source Citizenship, and the many more to come after that.

Happy 5th Open Source Bridge!

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