Announcing Keynotes!

We’re excited to announce our first two keynote presenters for the 2013 conference!


Alex “Skud” Bayley of Infotrope and James Vasile of Hacker Visions will be speaking about their experience in open source communities, from languages to activism, culture to changing industries. We will post long-form interviews with Skud and James next week.


Photo by Rose White

Photo by Rose White

Alex “Skud” Bayley is a social justice activist, software developer, and advocate for open technology and culture beyond the “open source” world. Born and raised in Australia, Skud has also lived and worked in the United States and Canada, for companies ranging from small Linux startups to Fortune 500 behemoths. Although best known for her open source work in the Perl community, she’s recently switched to Ruby on Rails to develop Growstuff, an open source/open data project for food gardeners. Her other recent projects include the Geek Feminism blog and wiki, the pro-pseudonym advocacy site My Name Is Me, Written? Kitten!, and the newly-formed women’s tech group The Disreputable Order of Hopperites. She is a speaker of international repute, having presented at scores of conferences worldwide on tech, culture, and the intersection between the two.


james_vasileJames Vasile directs the Open Internet Tools Project, which supports development of anti-censorship and anti-surveillance tools. He is a partner at Open Tech Strategies, which advises organizations and businesses with their open source platforms. He also has a strategic advisory role on free software projects as a Senior Fellow at the Software Freedom Law Center. James has helped boot up free software organizations, including the FreedomBox Foundation, Open Source Matters, and the Software Freedom Conservancy.


Be sure to see Skud and James speak in June. Our Early Bird Registration deadline with discounted admission ends this Wednesday, April 3.

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