Unconference Day 2012

Good morning! It’s Friday, the last day of the conference, and our unconference day (sponsored by Wikimedia Foundation). Session scheduling will kick off at 9am in the Hacker Lounge.

If you haven’t been to an unconference before, you should know that all content today will be scheduled by you, the attendees. This is a great time to follow up on interesting ideas and projects from earlier in the week, ask more questions, and share what you’ve discovered. Anyone can lead a session — no need to be an expert or even experienced in the topic you’d like to discuss. All you need is a starting point like a question or an example to kick things off.

Today’s unconference is open to all citizens who would like to participate. Register for a pay-what-you-can Community Pass and join us.

You can share your session ideas or read others on the wiki.

Voodoo Doughnuts will be bringing their doughnut truck to the conference in the morning with a selection of tasty treats. We’ll also have fruit and gluten-free muffins available.

For lunch, we’ll field trip to local food carts. There are many clusters of carts downtown, including a full block at SW 10th and Alder. Check out the food page on the wiki for other ideas or if you’re not from Portland and want more tips.

No official evening events tonight, because we’re done at 4pm! Be sure to come to the closing session at 3:30pm to share feedback and highlights from the week. We’ll also be raffling off several interesting and educational O’Reilly books to thank you for your excellent participation.

If you’d like to get outside today, perhaps a bike ride would be fun? The group will start from outside the Eliot Center at 11:15am.

For those of you sticking around town after Friday, Calagator is a great way to find other interesting tech events to check out. So far this weekend we count four separate events.

We love feedback! Please take our short survey and let us know how things went, and what we should work on for next year.

You can register for Open Source Bridge 2013 right now at a big discount. Tickets are $150 through July 4th.

Take a moment today to say thank you to the volunteers you see. They’ve all worked hard this week to make Open Source Bridge the amazing conference that it is.

Thank you one last time to this year’s sponsors for making Open Source Bridge possible:
Intel, Google, Engine Yard, and Rentrak; our Friday Unconference Sponsor, Wikimedia Foundation; Thursday night party sponsors Gilt Groupe and Simple; and other Citizens and Friends.

The catering for Thursday’s party was by Nicholas Restaurant, and all the cupcakes (including extras we’ll be putting out at today’s lunch break) were by Back to Eden Bakery.


  • “I have this condition where I sort of love humanity.”
  • “General theme at #osb12: main challenges in software projects are keeping people happy + productive, so use psychology/process not tech.”
  • “If you teach people something, often times they will then know it.”

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