Day Two Begins

Welcome to Tuesday, day two of Open Source Bridge 2012! Doors open at 8am with coffee, tea, and pastries.

Jason Scott‘s opening keynote starts at 9am. The day’s sessions run from 9am through 5:30pm.

If you missed yesterday’s keynote, you can watch it now.

A few schedule updates:

We’ll break at noon for lunch from Veli Thai.

Beat the afternoon slump by joining in the Wise Asana yoga session at 5:45pm.

Lockpicking demos from Tuesday's Community Night.

Our evening begins with the Google Summer of Code BoF in room 302/303 starting at 6pm. You can also join us in the Hacker Lounge (sponsored by Intel) for another night of projects and discussion, including the chance to learn more about Privly and Tranquil. Don’t forget to tell friends who aren’t registered for the full conference to grab a Community Pass if they want to join us for tonight’s events.

There’s still time to schedule your BoF session for today or Thursday, but not much. Don’t wait.

We’re still interested in nominees for this year’s Citizenship Award, if someone did a little extra to help out or make you feel more welcome.

Yesterday we asked you what Open Source Citizenship means to you. A few responses:

  • “Contributing back to the community”
  • “Working toward better solutions, not always just software, with the community at large”
  • “Citizens keep as a priority the long-term health of their community”

We’d like to hear what more of you have to say about this. Tweet your answer to @osbridge.

If you have a spare hour or two, we could still use your help as a volunteer (good for that citizenship cred!). Stop by the volunteer lounge on the main floor or check open slots on our volunteer schedule.

Things you’re saying about the conference so far:

  • “Being at ‪#osbridge‬ is fun. Volunteering at ‪#osbridge‬ is funner.” (Josh, we agree!)
  • “I really appreciate that the ‪#osbridge‬ organizers have on-site massage by @nichemassage . Meatspace is important! Take advantage of it.” (Good advice from Mr. Leto)
  • “Oh yeah, I’m in Portland, so I guess that means I pronounce it “cooch-surfing”.” (If you found that entertaining, there’s more to come from Paul Fenwick on Thursday morning)

Thank you again to this year’s sponsors for making Open Source Bridge possible:
IntelGoogleEngine Yard, and Rentrak; our Friday Unconference Sponsor, Wikimedia Foundation; Thursday night party sponsors Gilt Groupe and Simple; and other Citizens and Friends.

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