We Want Your Input

You still have one week left on our Call for Proposals, and there’s still time to apply to be on our Content Selection Committee. But whether you’ve submitted your proposal already or not (or even if you’ve decided not to submit one), we’re looking for input from the entire Open Source Bridge community on the excellent set of proposals for our 2012 event.

Is there a session proposal you’re excited to attend? Be sure to take a minute to leave comments on the proposals you’d like to see at this year’s Open Source Bridge conference, and tell your coworkers, friends, and fellow user group members to comment too.

There are two ways to tell our selection committee what proposals you’re interested in: 1) by marking the ones you like as favorites (using the little stars), and 2) by leaving comments on them (using the form at the end of each proposal). This feedback is very important to us, and tells the Content Selection Committee which sessions the community wants to see.

By marking talks as a favorite, you also provide great assistance to the scheduling process for Open Source Bridge. We try hard to avoid scheduling talks that speak to the same subject, or are marked as favorite by the same people, and so the more people that mark favorite talks, the more our schedule can avoid conflicts.

The list of favorites is publicly visible on your user profile page, so you can share the list of talks you’re excited about with others. The comments are private and only visible to the selection team; this is the place to tell us why the presentation’s topic is important, how well qualified the speaker is, and so on.

Commenting on proposals and marking your favorites is very valuable feedback for us, and allows you to further help set the direction of Open Source Bridge.

You can get started now:

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