Find OSB11 Speakers at OSCON

We’re quite proud of our speakers and want to continue to promote the open source work they are doing. If you didn’t catch any of the following people at Open Source Bridge, you’ll have a chance to see them speak at OSCON next week. And be sure to attend the Event Planning for Geeks talk, presented by three of our organizers!

Lance Albertson: Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple and **Hands-on Virtualization with Ganeti

Matt Blair: **Cultivating Open Geo-Data in the Real-World: A Guided Tour of Three Portland-based Projects

Roger Bodamer: Building Web Applications with MongoDB and **Not Only SQL: Exploring Alternative Data Stores

Eric Day: **Introduction to OpenStack

Selena Deckelmann: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: PostgreSQL 9.1 and Mistakes Were Made

Audrey Eschright: Event Planning for Geeks

Paul Fenwick: **All Your Brains Suck – Known Bugs And Exploits In Wetware

Dawn Foster: **Crunching the numbers: Open Source Community Metrics

Eric Holscher: **A Completely Open Source Django Website

Christie Koehler, co-chair of Open Source Bridge: Event Planning for Geeks and Tools for Spelunking a New-to-You Codebase

Peter Krenesky: Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple and **Hands-on Virtualization with Ganeti

Shyam Mani: **DNSSEC @ Mozilla

Jeremie Miller: **Your Personal Data Locker

Sherri Montgomery: Event Planning for Geeks

Sarah Novotny, program chair of OSCON: OSCON Town Hall

Noirin Plunkett: How to Win Friends and Write Documentation

Jacinta Richardson: Perl Programming Best Practices 2011 and Teach Your Class to Fish, and They’ll Have Food for a Lifetime

Garrett Serack: **CoApp—An Open Source Package Manager For Windows

Sarah Sharp: **Growing Food with Open Source

Chris Smith: **Transit Appliances: Open Data, Open Hardware and Open Source Software

James Turnbull: **Introduction to OpenStack and Vagrant & Puppet: Deploying Development Environments … Fast

Matt Youell: Wheeler

If you enjoyed these talks, be sure to register for Open Source Bridge 2012 to see more of these great speakers and topics.

[All talks with ** by them are a variation of a presentation given at Open Source Bridge this year.]

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