Wrapping Up 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended Open Source Bridge 2011! Without all of you, this conference could not exist.

Record Attendance

This year, 479 people attended, traveling from as far away as Taiwan, Australia, and Belgium. Over half of you were new to the conference this year; new or returning, we hope we’ll see you again in 2012.

Open Source Citizenship Awards

We’re happy to recognize three people as part of our first-ever Open Source Citizenship awards: Sumana Harihareswara, Asheesh Laroia, and Igal Koshevoy. These citizens were nominated by you, their fellow attendees, as people who made an extra effort to help others and share their knowledge at the conference.

We want your feedback!

Give us your feedback by completing the attendee survey. One lucky survey-taker will win a free ticket for Open Source Bridge 2012.

Registration for 2012 is Open Now

Next year’s conference will be happening June 26th-29th. You have just two more days to register at an ultra-low discount rate of $150 (half off the full price). After June 30th, tickets go up to $175.

Thank You Volunteers!

Open Source Bridge is an all volunteer-run conference, and would not happen without the many hours contributed by the organizers and on-site volunteers.

The 2011 core team was: Christie Koehler and Reid Beels (co-chairs), Audrey Eschright, Amy Farrell, Faddah Wolf, Igal Koshevoy, Jim Eastman, John Labovitz, Kirsten Comandich, Melissa Chavez, Shepherd Griffin, and Sherri Montgomery.

This year’s on-site volunteer team was: Cameron Mulder, Casey Beach, Cat Poole, Chris (Fool) McCraw, Chris (Wraithan), Clifton B, Dan Revel, Daniel Hedlund, Drew Kalina, Ian Dees, Eric Drechsel, Jenka, Jerry Hilts, Joel McGrady, Jonathan Thurman, Julie Baumler, Julie Noble, Keith Grant, Kyle Jones, Larissa Shapiro, Lucas Charles, Marcela Musgrove, Mary Anne Thygesen, Meitar Moscovitz, Merilee Schillinger, Merilyn Gottlieb, Michael Schwern, Paige Huggins, Peter Hutkins, Richard Fobes, Ruth Fuller, Scott Garman, Shelley Gonzales, Stephanie El-Hajj, Teresa Boze, Troy Howard, and Will Lucas.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Open Source Bridge is made possible by the following sponsors: Intel, Mozilla, Google, Gilt Groupe, OpenStack, Discogs, Emma, Yammer, and more!

Looking for 2011 Content?

There’s a wiki page for notes linked from each session’s page (see schedule for complete list of sessions). Check them out and add your own!

If you missed a keynote, or want to share your favorite moments with someone else, they’re posted on, along with interviews with several speakers.

We also recorded audio for each session and we’ll be posting that online over the summer.

Add your photos from this year’s conference to the Open Source Bridge Flickr pool and tag your photos with “osb11” and “osbridge.”

Lost and Found Items

If you are missing anything from the conference, contact

Giving Feedback & Getting Involved

There are many ways to contact us and give your feedback:

You can also reach us on Twitter (@osbridge), or subscribe to our official blog (rss)

And don’t forget to fill out the survey.

Want to help plan next year’s conference? Let us know and join our Google group.

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