If it’s Thursday, this must be Portland

Good morning citizens!

Today we begin with Portland Mayor Sam Adams’ morning keynote on the city’s Civic Apps and open source participation, at 9am in the Sanctuary. The Mayor has presented at Open Source Bridge all three years, and we’re happy to have him back. Following the keynote, there will be an open data hacking session, related to regional farmers market data, scheduled in the Hacker Lounge. Drop by and see what the Portland Farmer’s Market has to play with.

Speaker sessions will begin at 10am.

Today we’re having a breakfast of muffins and scones by Sweetpea Baking Co., plus fresh fruit. Lunch catering is by Thai Garden, and we have cookies and fruit for the afternoon break.

Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs), which are free and open to the public, begin at 7pm upstairs. Tonight’s BoFs include BIND and ISCDHCP, “Women in Tech (and friends) Go Drinking,” and more.

Mozilla and Emma are co-hosting a happy hour at the Cleaners at Ace Hotel, from 5-7pm.

Hacker Lounge activities include an Apache Hackathon, and a Transit Appliance meetup.

Register Today for Open Source Bridge 2012!
Do you want to be here again next year? We certainly do. Get your pass and put next year’s conference on your schedule now: registration for Open Source Bridge 2012 will be open after today’s keynote, at a special low rate.

Are you feeling sore from attending sessions all day and coding all night? Licensed massage therapist Domenika Radonich will be providing her services in room A102. Check with the Registration desk for more info.

Nominate Open Source Citizens!
Nominate your fellow citizens for our first open source citizenship award! At current count, we have three nominees. They’re all great people, but wouldn’t you like to submit someone yourself?

If all this civic pride is making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, sign up for a volunteer shift! Stop by the registration desk to find out how you can get involved.

Be Interviewed
Speakers who still might like to be interviewed but haven’t gotten around to it yet: email and let us know when you’re available.

We still like reading the session OHs, so don’t forget to tag everything with #osb11. Here’s a few more items we scraped out of the search feed:

“The more fish in the pond, the more will float to the top when you toss the dynamite in.” #trollu #osb11 [@suehle]

“If someone says their code doesn’t have bugs, then they don’t have much of a user base” #osb11 [@jthurman42]

“Free as in speech, not as in puppies” #osb11 [@demew]

OH: “It’s like a soup kitchen for nerds! Awesome!” [@reidab]

Questions? Feedback? Talk to @osbridge on Twitter or check with any volunteer in a bright blue shirt.

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