Things You Might Like to Know About Wednesday

Good morning!

It is Wednesday, June 22nd and it’s expected be partly cloudy with a high of 71°.

Sessions begin at 9am today.

We will be serving a Continental Breakfast in the morning, lunch will be catered by Taqueria Los Gorditos, and an afternoon snack of cookies and fruit.

There will be a farmer’s market nearby in the South Park Blocks if you want to check out local produce and artisan goods during any of the breaks throughout the day.

Want to keep the conference running smoothly? Sign up for a volunteer shift! Stop by Registration to find out how you can help.

We’re having lightning talks again today at 1:30pm in room B201. Stop by the sign-up sheet in the Hacker Lounge to add yours to the list.

Speakers: if you want to do an interview with our wonderful media partners and you haven’t told us yet, please email

Tonight’s evening activities:

Birds of a Feather (BoFs), which are free and open to the public, begin at 7pm in the session rooms. Wednesday BoFs include Google Summer of Code, Portland Javascript Admirers, and others (check the website for details).

The Hacker Lounge will be open all night again. There are some sessions scheduled — including a GIS/Location Smackdown — and lots of room for more. Check out the wiki to find out what’s planned. Snacks will be provided throughout the night.

Conference Tips:

Keep tagging your tweets and other content with #osb11.
We found these entertaining:

A dozen databases in 45 minutes. That’s, um, 3.75 minutes per database. #osb11 — @johnderosa

The couchdb talk has reached the point of interpretive dance to explain mvcc. Dancing about architecture. #osb11 — @laprice

Hovering helicopter – FBI saw the keynote? #osb11 — @donpdonp

We’re still looking for nominees for open source citizens seen making a strong contribution at the conference. Stop by Registration to fill out a nomination slip.

Questions? Feedback? Ask @osbridge on Twitter or check with any volunteer in a bright blue shirt.

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  1. mike
    Posted June 22, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    Isn’t the Emma/Mozilla party tonight? What happened to those details

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