Hacker Lounge returns to Open Source Bridge

GeoLoqi hackathon at the 2010 Hacker Lounge (photo by Igal Koshevoy)

Once again, we’ll be hosting a 24-hour hacker space for you to meet, greet, nosh, exchange ideas, get tips and how-tos, and try out some of the hot new ideas and technologies you’ll be learning about during the conference. There’ll be plenty of wifi and power strips in an easily accessible, comfy, and attractive space to relax and gather. Beverages and snacks will be available.

This year, we’ll be trying out some new ideas to make the Hacker Lounge even better.

We’ll be encouraging presenters to find time in the Hacker Lounge to work on related projects, and to publicize this during your talk. If you’re associated with a company or organization that produces or supports open source, perhaps you’d like to sponsor an evening or a few hours in the Hacker Lounge?

Of course, you don’t have to be a presenter to participate in the Hacker Lounge: Any open source project — whether established or brand new — is welcome to set up shop for a few hours. Maybe you’re brainstorming about a project? Maybe it’s even something that could be developed during a sprint during the conference? Bring your idea, find a time, and let’s build something cool! We’ll be organizing some “midnight madness” hackfests with some group-hacking projects, too.

Evan Prodromou, Don Park at the 2009 Hacker Lounge (photo by John Labovitz)

We’ll also be making the Hacker Lounge more approachable. We’re brainstorming ways of letting people know what projects are being worked on when they arrive in the space. The idea is to keep it flexible, but provide tools to help organize: color-coded areas, an unconference-like time/space grid, and a friendly volunteer who can help you find the project you’re looking for. We’ll be publishing some best practice guides for project organizers, covering things like how to make it easy for people to get started working on your project, and how to make it possible for someone who only has an hour to still feel like they can contribute.

The Hacker Lounge is one of the most distinctive components of Open Source Bridge, and we look forward to bringing it to you again this year. If you’ve already submitted a proposal about a project, consider holding a hackfest session in the Hacker Lounge and encourage the community to come help. If you haven’t submitted a proposal, there’s still a little more time to do so! Visit the Call for Proposals page for more information.

Do you have an idea for a Hacker Lounge activity, or ways of making the space a success? Please let us know at

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