Monthly Archives: May 2010

Work Sprint! Today. North Portland!

Hi All! A few of us are getting together to do work sprinting for Open Source Bridge. It’s a beautiful day, so our plan is to occupy the patio at Ristretto (3808 N Williams Ave) until my battery runs out, and then enjoy a pint at the Fifth Quadrant in the early afternoon. We hope […]

Help us spread the word about this year’s conference!

Attention speakers, volunteers, past and future attendees, and all open source citizens across the world: We need your help spreading the word about this year’s conference! We’d like you to write and publish a blog post about Open Source Bridge. Tell people why you’re attending, why you’re speaking, why you’re volunteering. Share your passion and […]

Make OSBridge Great: Volunteer During the Conference

Open Source Bridge is 100% volunteer run event and we can’t have a successfull event without you! One of the most direct ways you can make OSBridge a fantastic event is to volunteer on-site, during the conference. We have many volunteer positions available, from dead simple errand-running, to the more complicated registration, speaker lounge, and […]